Environmental protection meets logistics

Water hazard classes (WGK classes)

Water is a precious resource – it is existential for life on earth and access to clean drinking water is considered a human right. Thus it is vital to protect our bodies of water (coastal waters, surface waters, and groundwater) from any adverse effects.
Plants and equipment used for the handling of substances hazardous to water have to be built and operated in a way which does not allow any contamination or adverse change of the bodies of water.
The substances used are examined for their properties hazardous to water and classified according to so-called water hazard classes (called WGK in Germany).

The following three water hazard classes are differentiated:

Class 1: low hazard to waters

Class 2: hazard to waters

Class 3: severe hazard to waters

The classification into the individual WGK classes poses different requirements regarding the storage and handling of these substances.

Transport of goods hazardous to water

Where the transport and storage of goods hazardous to water are concerned, a high level of care and attention is required. Years of experience, suitable equipment and highly-qualified staff ensure the safe and reliable handling of goods hazardous to water.

Special warehouses for goods hazardous to water

In general, goods hazardous to water have to be stored in a way which excludes any contamination of bodies of water and ensures that goods hazardous to water cannot enter wastewater, let alone any bodies of water if an accident happens.

Our new logistics centre currently under construction (completion scheduled for autumn 2017) will offer you protected and officially approved storage space for goods of water hazard classes 1, 2, and 3. The total quantity stored will be more than 11,000 m3 for goods of water hazard classes 1 and 2, and 110 m3 for goods of class 3.

Strictly observing applicable safety standards, we will store your goods hazardous to water in due form at all times, with IT-based monitoring every working day. A burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, and sprinkler system ensure maximum safety.

For damaged packaging, there are four containment trays for goods hazardous to water in the handling area. The retention of fire fighting water is, of course, also ensured.

This is our understanding of a responsible treatment of the environment and valuable resources, as your competent partner for forwarding, warehousing, and logistics.


Please contact us for any questions regarding the transport and storage of goods hazardous to water!