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Value added services

Logistics – to us this means much more than just transporting goods from A to B.

Along the entire supply chain we provide numerous additional services, so-called value-added services, in addition to transport, handling and storage processes.

Our portfolio of value-added services is comprehensive. In addition to the usual forwarding services, our long-term, trained employees reliably carry out filling, processing and packaging jobs. Furthermore, we of course also have a filling plant for liquid products in addition to our bagging and packaging plants for bulk and packaged goods.

As well as these production-related services, our value-added services also include export and import customs clearance and all associated incidental services.

Choose from a variety of value-added services and create your own service package, tailor-made for your requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our value added services (as of 01-Nov-2016)

– Printout of shipping documents from customer-owned systems (if interface is provided)

– Stock management and reconciliation between WMS and customer system (if access rights and interface are provided)

– Additional load securing as well as stretching or wrapping according to customer specifications

– Preparation and packaging of individual packages, e.g. for sample shipping and/or sample provision for collection

– Use and administration of customer-owned loading equipment

– Change to packing pattern specified by the customer and subsequent wrapping

– Picking and packing individual packaging units including re-wrapping according to customer specifications as well as re-storage of remaining quantities

– Labelling individual packaging units or entire pallets and generation of corresponding labels according to customer specifications

– Unloading and palletising bulk packaging units from container deliveries

– Lead-sealing outgoing sea containers

– Stowing and fastening drums on loading equipment according to customer specifications

– Covering pallets with protective covers

– Maintaining a customs warehouse incl. provision of software

– Goods receipt and goods issue posting for the customs warehouse incl. generation of all necessary documents

Your benefit!

Further value added services like picking and packing services as well as filling and bagging are also possible upon request.

Please contact us for an individual quotation.

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